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Who are your Spirit Guides?



Did you know that everyone has a Spirit Guide Team? Your personal team is unique to you, and your Spirit Guides are here to protect and guide you. Spirit Guide is a general term I use to include all the different types of Guides that make up your team. Some of them are with you for your entire life (sometimes multiple lives), and some of them shift and change, depending on what you are going through in your life.

There are many different types of Guides, including Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Animals, Aumakua,* Nature Spirits, loved Ones and Ancestors, just to name a few. They each have a different role and guide you in a certain way. To give you an example, lets talk briefly about Ascended Masters.

Ascended Masters are Spirit Beings who have (generally) lived many lives and have achieved enlightenment. They have stayed behind to help and guide us through our own life's journey. I like to think of Ascended Masters as Specialty Guides, each one having a particular area of expertise. They seem to change depending on what you are experiencing in your life. If you are learning to love yourself, you may have an Ascended Master for love and compassion. If you are learning about your intuitive gifts, you may have an Ascended Master for Intuition. There is no limit to the types of Ascended Masters who may show up to help you! I have Ascended Masters who help me balance my checkbook, because I am on the far (far) end of the intuitive scale, and logical work (like Math) can be more challenging for me!

Although we have many different types of Spirit Guides, the one thing they all tell me, is that you need to ask for help. My Angels tell me that as humans, we have free will, and while it is their job to keep us from leaving earth before it's our time, they will allow us to go through our life lessons without interference. That changes though, if we ask for help. Asking for help gives them permission to intervene on your behalf. It allows them to help, support and guide you. How do you do this? Simply talk to them as you would your best friend.

One of my many Spirit Guides/Aumakua* is the Owl. During my childhood and early adult life, my Father Sam would take me on evening rides on his Harley through his Makaha neighborhood. The Owl often flew above us, letting us know we were watched and protected. Even now, the Owl makes himself known to me by flying over my car when I drive over the Pali Highway at night! During readings and healing sessions, the Owl supports my clairvoyance, helping me to see what needs to be seen. He guides me and protects me. Did you know Owls fly in complete silence? When I have trouble silencing the thoughts in my mind, I call upon my Owl for help. My mind usually goes quiet very quickly.

Would you like to learn more about your unique Spirit Guide Team? I have a specialty reading for that! Find more information under my services, under Specialty Readings.


I am open to the guidance of my Spirit Guide Team

With love and light,

Lisa M. Zara

*Aumakua: A personal or family Spirit Guide who takes on physical form as an animal, plant or other form of nature.

Photo by Andy Chilton, from Unsplash.

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