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Happiness 101



Note: This was originally published as a newsletter in July, 2020.

What is the secret of happiness? Sometimes the answers are quite simple! Today we are taking to heart a little wisdom from my fluffy side kick, Teddy. If you have ever met me for a reading, you know that Teddy is my service dog, and 24/7 companion. He brings his strength and tenderness to each reading, even when it's by phone (he is always next to me or in my lap). Today I would like to share a few things I have learned from him!

I usually don't focus on the negative things that happen in my life (because who wants more of that?), but to fully understand Teddy's wisdom, we have to go back to one traumatic day in May, 2020. I'll let you know right away, that Teddy is OK! But for a few horrible hours that day, we did not know if he would be. Here is what happened, I promise not to get too graphic....

My husband Ken took Teddy out for an evening walk in our neighborhood, it had become their evening routine to get some fresh air and exercise during quarantine. While walking, they passed a very large dog who was chained, but somehow freed itself, charged and attacked Teddy. My husband was OK (he was bitten once in the leg), but Teddy sustained very serious injuries that day. After returning home from the vet that night, I couldn't imagine how Teddy would be able to return to life as a happy, carefree dog. Looking at his injuries, I imagined his road to recovery would be a long one. I had so many questions. Would he walk normally again? Would he be too afraid of other dogs to be out in public again? Gratefully, every friend, family member and Lightworker I knew sent Reiki, love and prayers to Teddy. My husband and I cared for him 24/7. Much to my surprise, after one week, Teddy was walking again (and shaking his tail!). After two weeks, he was asking to go for walks. After three weeks his body was healed, and Teddy voluntarily resumed his role as a service dog again! Of course, we made sure he paced himself along the way. It's been a little over two months now, and despite the trauma he experienced that day, he has healed by leaps and bounds! We still have a little way to go (he barks in his sleep a lot now), but for the most part, he is a happy carefree dog once again.

Do you want to know what his secret is? I'm pretty sure I've figured it out! Teddy knows how to be in the present moment. He's left the past behind, and he's not worried about the future. He knows how to enjoy life, right where he is.

Do you want to hear something really magical? The new hair that is growing back in the area of his injuries is growing back in a different color now, a rich caramel brown. His mostly white and beige coat now has patches and streaks of caramel. I know there must be some scientific explanation as to why this is happening, but I don't want to know what that is. From my view point, Teddy has taken something painful and traumatic and turned it into something quite beautiful!

Wisdom from Teddy:

  • Love Hard

  • Let go

  • Be in the moment

  • Be magical

I hope this newsletter makes you smile today!

Wishing you joy in the moment,

Lisa Zara and Teddy


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