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Cultivate Gentleness

Hello Dear Ones,

I asked my Guides to let me know what it is I should write about today, and then I pulled this card. I love it so much. So many of us could use more gentleness in our lives. Sometimes the busy world overwhelms our empathetic Spirits, and we need to find space for ourselves, some gentleness. Can you find a little space for yourself today? Maybe that means a little quiet time, or a walk in the park. Maybe it means a long soak in the tub, or ten minutes with your favorite book. It could simply be a break from negative thinking.

I've found that in my conversations with The Universe, I have stopped asking for strength. I have all the strength I need within me, and if I ask for more strength, surely The Universe will send more life lessons to teach me strength! Instead, I ask The Universe to be gentle with me. Let my day be gentle. Be gentle with me while I learn. Be gentle with me while I grow. Please and thank you Universe.

Invite gentleness into your life today and see if your life flows just a little softer.


I am flowing gently with The Universe

I am gentle with my body, mind and Spirit

I am kind, loving and joyful!

Love and gentle Angel light,

Lisa Zara

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