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Staying Grounded During Challenging Times



Originally published as a newsletter on June 23, 2020

Dear Ones,

The very first thing I would like to say, is that I am sending you love and light. Please stop a moment to breathe and take that in! Love. Light.

Many of us are highly sensitive people. Meaning you feel the energy of those around you, as well as what's going on in the collective of humanity as a whole. Being highly sensitive is a gift, but can make life feel overwhelming if you are not grounded. Are you feeling all the feels? Let’s get grounded.

What is grounding?

Being grounded is a way to describe a state of being. Being grounded means you feel stable, calm and peaceful. When you are grounded your body is connected with Mama Earth, and your Spirit is connected and grounded in your body. You feel safe. You know all is well. You are connected with your Higher Power (The Creator/Source). You find joy in the moment. Are you ready?

Here are just a few ways to get grounded:

Take off your shoes and walk on Mama Earth. Walking barefoot is a quick way to get grounded. Feel the earth beneath you as she holds and supports you. Turn over your worries and anything that is not serving you to Mama Earth. She knows what to do with it! This is my favorite way to stay grounded, and I do it daily with Teddy, my service dog.

Connect with nature. If you are still quarantined, or can’t get out, open a window and gaze out at the sky. Listen to the birds. Watch the wind move through the trees. Breathe in the peace. During quarantine, I turned my balcony into a garden sanctuary (Pictured above). Since I couldn’t get out, I brought nature to me. I start every day there now, connecting with nature and my Higher Power.

Say your full birth name three times. Saying your name instantly grounds you and makes you feel calm and peaceful. Give it a try!

I hope this gives you a few tools to help you stay grounded.

With love and light,

Lisa Zara

“ I’m a medium, which means I am connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides, sometimes loved ones, if you ask for them and they are available. You will get the best reading with me if you ask questions, and I’ve set the intention that all the messages I channel are grounded in love, healing and guidance.”

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